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Easy lazy recipes using chicken or turkey.

Chicken Broccoli Stuffing Casserole

This Chicken Broccoli Stuffing Casserole is super easy. The best part is it uses just 5 ingredients. It is filled with tender chicken, stuffing, broccoli, cream of chicken soup, and cheddar cheese. It is the ultimate comfort food. Why I love this recipe This easy chicken casserole is a great main dish recipe for the …

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Chicken Nugget Spaghetti

Chicken Nugget Spaghetti has frozen chicken nuggets, marinara sauce, spaghetti pasta, and lots of mozzarella cheese and Parmesan cheese! This is one of those casual meals the whole family loves, including picky kids. Why I love this recipe It is super easy, to make using just 5 ingredients, great for busy weeknights. Delicious meals can …

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Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings

This easy Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings is filled with delicious chunky chicken and vegetables in a creamy flavorful sauce topped with fluffy self-rising dumplings. Why I love this recipe It is all made in just one pot for easy serving and clean up. Ingredients Substitutions You can buy pre-diced celery, onions, and carrots to …

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Crispy Chicken Burgers

These Crispy Chicken Burgers have seasoned juicy chicken sandwiched between buttery brioche buns topped with your favorite toppings! This is a simple recipe for a delicious homemade chicken sandwich. Why I Love This Recipe This recipe is very easy and you get a flavorful restaurant quality sandwich right in your own home. Ingredients Equipment used …

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